What To Include In An ARC Ebook

Thanks for this post. I may take time out this year to look at Scrivener again. I didn’t like it the first time around…lol.

K.M. Allan

As has been the basis for my posts since I started this blog in 2017, I write about where I’m at in my writing journey, what I’m learning, and hope that you find it just as helpful.

This means today’s blog is about what to include in an ARC (advanced reader copy), something I’ve only done once (so far) and learned to do in the last week.

I used Scrivener (the Windows version that’s perpetually waiting for the Scrivener 3 update), but you can create these files in any word processing/formatting program.

Full disclosure, I honestly had no idea what to include when I started putting together my Blackbirch: The Beginning ARC, but I think it turned out well.

What To Include In An ARC Ebook

1. Front Matter

Your front matter is the documents that go before the contents of your book.

Standard options include…

A Cover

If you…

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