Who really made the rules?

I’ve done one…I’m not sure where I had the photo prompt from…The short extract as I like to call it will end up in another book which strangely enough was started via another photo a friend showed me. 🙂 Photos can be great for getting a story flowing. Thank you.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

A few years ago, I posted a picture of a little doorway that I pass every time I drive north. It was a small, rounded door, set into a wall behind which trees cast deep, green shadows. To me, it always looks like the kind of doorway that would lead to otherworldly adventures… rather like, say, a wardrobe.

Michelle Clements James said it would make a great writing prompt, so, just for fun and as a one-time affair, I posted it. To my surprise, ten people joined in! Then K.L. Caley from new2writing asked when the next prompt would be…

Now, I had no intention of running a regular prompt. They take a fair bit of time to organise and anyway, once the novelty wore off, who would join in? Maybe a handful, I supposed. But, as I’d been asked, I put up a new photo anyway. More stories came…

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