Barbara ChoffiTell us a bit about yourself.
Growing up in North Carolina, I spent my early years playing in the woods, imagining I was a wolf merrily chasing jackrabbits. J Our family moved to Alabama as I entered the 11th grade, living in the house where my father was born. I attended Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama, majoring in Music Ed with a minor in voice. After college and two years teaching in Montgomery, I moved to Virginia, accepted for a teaching position applied for on a lark. It was a good move. Teaching music for almost 40 years, my writing aspirations remained hidden, but my imagination always soared. I visited every place and time imaginable, fascinated by the characters in history. Mama told my sisters and me about the mad monk, Rasputin, plus varied other historical figures. She was a brilliant woman, an avid reader, and an outstanding writer. In her day, there was no Amazon or indie authors, but she was lucky enough to have one of her stories published in a southern literary journal. She has been my inspiration.

What bought you to the world of writing?
I followed my mother’s example, reading everything I could get my hands on, even if it was beyond my understanding. I know that sounds strange, but I did enjoy reading articles on science and space, often reading many times until I had a basic understanding of the subject. I read much of what my mother wrote. She kept journals and I began doing the same, those being a springboard for future stories.

What is your first book and what do you think of it now?
Angel Mine is my first story. I’m a romantic at heart and believe in happy ever afters, and yes, my head is always in the clouds. Jeza and Jackson are my ideal couple, both from failed relationships; they find their true love in each other with just enough intrigue to make it interesting. I’m thinking of redoing it now because I’ve learned a little since then and see things that need changing.

TrickeryWhat type of books do you write and do they fulfil your reader’s needs?
I write what I happen to think of at the moment. My second story is Lycan Love, written after reading shifter novels by Christine Feehan. I wrote Trickery, a trilogy of horror tales, after watching Stephen King, one of mY favourite writers. There is such a wide variety of books available today, and I think some will find mine enjoyable.

Would you like to feature a book, if so which one? Tell us about it?
Lycan Heart formally Lycan Love, begins the story of the Flannery family. Robert Flannery offers a young girl seeking stability a job as a housekeeper. Julia learns the family secret the night she meets Justin, Robert’s son, in his wolf persona. They form an instant bond, and as the story unfolds, other secrets become known, ones that
will result in danger for them all. (UNAVAILABLE AT PRESENT)

How long does it take you to write your first draft?
I write in spurts, usually two or three chapters flow easily, and then I’m stuck for a while. I’m following something interesting I read recently called the ‘snowflake’ method. It seems to be helping me stay on track.

Do you plot or not, if so why?
I don’t write it out but have the idea in my head. I’m finding, though, that preplanning makes all the difference. It’s still difficult for me with my ADHD, but I’m persevering.

Do you write in 1st or 3rd person, or have you do both?
I think there are advantages and disadvantages to both, but I let the character direct me. My WIP began as 1st person, but it didn’t ring, so it’s now in 3rd.

How do you edit your work? Do you leave your draft alone for a while or edit as you write?
I edit when I’m done with a segment, then can never leave it alone. When finished with the story, I still find things to change…never satisfied.

What type of people/readers do you market your books to?
I don’t think of it that way. I write the story as I see it, mainly with the romantic, HEA idea. If I had to choose a genre, it would be paranormal. Fantasy has always been
my escape.

Do you self-publish or have you worked with an Agent/Publisher

How do you promote your writing?
I’m not good in this area. Basically an introvert, it’s difficult for me to put myself out there. I will post cover reveals on FB and my book release, but that’s about it.

Who are your favourite authors?
Stephen King, Christine Feehan, Karen Marie Moning, C. S. Lewis, Ralph Waldo Emerson, to name a few. There are too many indie authors, and I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out, but I admire so many and value the friendships I’ve developed during this last year.