Nero, the Weirdest Cat we’ve owned!

Nero. What can I say…He surprises us all the time with the things he does. Especially when we’ve never seen a cat do a particular thing before and I’ve had cats most of my life. Of course, they were also all girls. Well except Titch who was a 21lb black and white tomcat with a siamese meow. Now there’s a tale and a half. Mind my parents ended up having him.

Meet Nero

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Nero loves a tummy rub. The one area they tell you not to touch. Nero can’t seem to get enough of the fuss and is a right PURRPOT, rumbling with his feet in the air, looking as cute as a button. Then he is off. Racing the house, like most cats do. However, he’s done a few unusual things too. I think I need to write a book about his adventures.

First big laugh was the night he lay across the back of my chair above my head snoring his head off. I’ve never heard a cat snore never mind the volume. Took me a while to work out what the noise was, mainly due to my lack of hearing. He wasn’t quite like a chainsaw. Anyway, there I was writing, late into the evening and Nero was snoring when he suddenly rolled. Nope, not off the back of the chair…he rolled down behind my neck, belly up, paws up, snoring contently while I giggled and heated up with my gorgeous cat scarf…it’s what he felt like anyway. He ended up stretching out so much he slid off my shoulder and down beside my left arm, much to my amusement and his annoyance. I do wish I had photos of this incident to put it into perspective, sadly my husband was already asleep in bed.

Second big laugh. I can give you photos… Putting it mildly my office is a mess of cardboard. Yep. Nero sits on it, pulls the cardboard apart, and spits it out, piece by piece scattering it over the carpet. I have no clue why, though one friend stated the cardboard has something in it the same as grass and we all know cats love chewing grass. This has now been going on for a few weeks and the cardboard box is getting tatty. Images below of the chewed box.

Have you ever had a conversation with your cat?  What a big baby Nero is. Honestly, you can hold him like a baby and tickle his tummy while he purrs loudly. If you stop he bats your hand or fingers until you start rubbing his tummy again. Considering how scared he was when we adopted him, this looks hilarious. Now, dare I put a beanie hat on his head? Probably not, but maybe one day.

My last conversation with Nero was at about eleven-thirty on Sunday night. We were both sitting in my office, Nero snuggled up beside me as per usual, snoring his little head off when I decided it was time for sleep.  Lowering my recliner chair, Nero jumped down to the floor wandering into the hallway with me following. He slumped to the floor right beside the laundry.

ME: “Really Nero, move it, time for bed.”
NERO: “Nope. I like it fine right here,” he stared at me over his shoulder.
ME: “Buddy, move,” I nudged him with my foot. The little bugger rolled onto his back paws in the air.
NERO: But mum, I like it here,” he waggled his paws at me. I nudged him again and he rolled laying beside the door, still not moving.
ME: Rolls eyes. “You can’t stay there,” I giggled.
NERO: “I don’t wanna move. It’s cold in the lounge.”
ME: “You have fur and a fur basket, you’ll be fine.”
NERO: “It’s warmer with…”
ME: “You keep waking me up at night. Now off you go.” I nudge him once more, he rolls halfheartedly and I close the door. “Night Nero.”
I’m sure he muttered at me as he stalked off to his basket.

For the last few nights, he’s walked to the lounge without a problem…

Have you ever seen a cat with hiccups? I haven’t, it made me giggle a lot. Nero was lying across my stomach when he got them…whoa…weird. Well, that’s all for now. I’ll let you all know if he does anything else funny or unusual.