How To Use Mood Boards To Inspire You While Writing Your Novel

Creating Mood Boards which Inspire. Do you make them? Have a read and leave a comment. Personally I don’t make them. I’m more into lists for characters and only so I don’t forget what a character looks like.

Uninspired Writers

Mood boards are brilliant. There’s something so pleasing about the aesthetic of it. And more importantly, mood boards can be a really useful tool to inspire you, and motivate you, while writing your novel. Here are just four ways to use them:

Character Mood Boards
Character mood boards are great fun to make. They enable you to delve into the character, and pick out images that represent them. You can do it for each character, or just the main characters, whichever works for you. But either way, it enables you to delve into their own aesthetic.
Pink and Yellow Pop Fashion Photo CollageLocation Mood Boards
Setting the scene isn’t always easy, especially when you’re at home, staring at a blank screen. Location mood boards can be used to absorb you back into the world you’re writing. You can make a mood board for each scene, or each location in the story, to inspire your mind…

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