Cats… Love posts about cats. I need to write more about Nero. Enjoy the read.

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To me, they’re wonderful creatures, cats. That said, I find it often true, that one either admires cats, or finds little to admire. We often hear people debating, which is the most intelligent, cats or dogs. Where I have no scientific figures, if such a thing exists, I feel they’re probably about the same. The thing is that often one loves cats, and others wish they’d go away forever.

Is there such a thing as a normal cat? Good grief no! Of course, to me this is the delightful thing about cats. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing more endearing than a faithful dog, who loves you no matter what. These God’s precious gifts have been an important part of my life. Now, cats? What can I say. A dog will do anything to please its owner, where a cat, will do anything to please its self, and this individuality…

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