NERO has a photo shoot


It was a wet and windy weekend. My husband and I weren’t going anywhere and nor was Nero, so it seemed. It was a day to sleep and relaxation. Being me I thought it would be awsome to get some new photos of Nero curled up on our bed. Of course, he decided to be a little devil.

My husband left our office and was walking past our bedroom, he glanced inside and I saw him stop and smile, I raised an eyebrow in question, he put his finger to his lips and waved me to him. It was one of the first times he’d seen Nero asleep on our bed. My recliner makes a heck of a noise and by the time my feet hit the floor, Nero was off the bed and winding himself around my husband’s legs.

NERO: Did you want me?
OH: Go back and sleep.
NERO: Don’t wanna. Want cuddles! (he looked up at my hubby)
OH: Nope. Laters, I need a drink and Nero follows.

This happened several times during the day. I was never quick enough to move or with my camera. What did I do?  Set him up. 

It had been quiet for about an hour. I was hoping Nero was asleep on our bed so I turned on my phone camera, quickly and quietly I got off my recliner stepping into the hall, into my bedroom, and began clicking photos. Yep, he woke up, However, it was like he knew I wanted him to pose. I got some great shots of him lying there, rolling over for tummy rubs.

NERO: Mum… what the
ME: I want some photos.
NERO: Fine. How about this. I can pose like this too. Anyone giving tummy rubs?
ME: Perfect, keep that pose.
NERO: This is fun.
ME: Thank you, your fans are going to love these.
NERO: Fans? What are those?”
ME: People who enjoy reading about you and seeing your beautiful self.
NERO: Handsome you mean.
ME: Yep.

I left him to it and now it’s time to share those images with you all.