Make Your Blog User-Friendly

Notes for those new authors who need a website.

Story Empire

Hey, SE Readers. Happy 2020! Joan with you today, not only kicking off a new year but a new decade. Can you believe it’s been twenty years since we had all the crazy hoopla about Y2K?

When I was a child, the year 2000 seemed far into the future. For me (and many), the thought of almost everyone having a personal computer didn’t exist. Being able to communicate instantly with virtually anyone in any location on earth at any time was something that never crossed my mind.

But in 1991, the worldwide web became available. By the mid-nineties, many households had computers. Information was now at our fingertips. Online shopping sites began to emerge, and companies scrambled to purchase domain names and put their information on the web. Celebrities and authors alike began to buy their own domain name and create websites. Blogging became popular.

These days every author should…

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