New festive fictional story: ‘The Trial of Santa Claus’ by Stewart Bint – part one

Part one of ‘The Trial of Santa Claus’ by Stewart Bint… 🙂

Hinckley Free Press

Stewart Bint | Guest Contributor | 5 December 2020

Over the next three weeks, The Hinckley Free Press will be serialising a Christmas story by local published author Stewart Bint.

Stewart is a Leicestershire-based novelist, magazine columnist, and Public Relations writer who has penned an exclusive Christmas story to bring some Christmas cheer to readers of The Hinckley Free Press this holiday season.

This marks the first instalment of the story, titled ‘The Trial of Santa Claus’.

Santa Claus behind bars

Entirety of part one

Now, I’d always thought of Santa Claus as a kindly old man who loved children. So, it came as a shock to find he was appearing in court. And the charges fair made me gasp: cruelty to children, they were. Who’d have believed it?

Looking back almost 12 months to that amazing day when I sat in on Santa Claus’s trial, I can see it…

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