Who needs a DROP BEAR when you have a DROP CAT…


Seperator plain


Yep. It seems to be one of Nero’s favourite things to do, along with racing about the house playing, especially now his friend (GINGE) isn’t welcome. His friend sprayed our indoor mat. We’re not impressed.  Anyway back to the DROP CAT.

Most people know about the DROP BEAR story and the laughter behind it. Well Nero is a DROP CAT. He doesn’t just walk all over you to get cuddles and loves, he literally DROPS on you, most times when I’m in bed and I get a mouth full of fur. After all there is no warning. One moment he is standing on you the next he’s collapsed across you shoulder and chest, usually his back to you and if he wants a tummy rub, then he’ll roll… and you’re spitting fur.

This morning my hubby and Nero were staring at me, both smiling…I do wish I had a camera, they were gorgeous, especially Nero when he rolled on his back for a tummy rub with his cute little paws in the air and pleading expression.

Whatever will he get up to next. I’m not sure. I suppose we’ll find out in due course. As long as he doesn’t bring a mouse or a bird home, then I’m happy. I remember my first cat (SMUDGE) used to catch birds and butterflies. Luckily we always managed to get them off her.

Until next time… Be safe