Where it all Started – first posted Christmas Eve 2013

One thing I can tell you, is this book still isn’t published and still needs a good edit. It also isn’t written in Regency Speak, though is historically correct… after all, I love history or wouldn’t be doing family history research.

Where it all started.

Generally I’m known as a Family History Researcher or Amateur Genealogist when one day rather depressed and bored with waiting for information to make a Family History Book I opened a word document and started typing while chatting to friends on Facebook. This was in the NZ winter of 2011.
Send us your first chapter they all said, oh my why did I tell them I was doing this, after all it wasn’t something I was going to publish or anything.  Well I sent the small amount I have written which was around 2 chapters. All I heard from them an hour later.  We want more, are you going to add a sex scene.  OMG what was I to do, I was sitting here 12,000 miles from my friends blushing to the roots of my hair.  More and a sex scene, lordy I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there.

“If I put in a sex scene then I’m going to blame both of you,” I told them much to their amusement.

“I’ve gone red at just the thought,” Making them laugh harder, of course this was all via chat.
The story is based in Late Regency England in a small Gloucestershire village called Ashlston as well as in London.  It focus’s on a young man called Gregory Appleton and his young playmate Matilda Crosswick.  As many would guess they grew up fell in love which was thwarted by their parents. In the course of 10 years a mystery unfolds, this becomes the item bringing them back together.  The mystery unfolds with many twists and turns and family connections.
As for the sex scenes, yes I put some in and yes I still blame my friends.  This book is yet to be published though due to the flow of my novels I have quite a number of various genre’s to finish.
Sending this on to one of my friends in the UK started me off on a steep learning curve.  How to write.  The story though good and flowing lacking a few important principles like good description, First or Third Person never mind word errors.  A big thanks to Tina who made me look and think hard about what I wanted and what I needed. My skills are strengthening and sharpening rather well, though I knew at that stage I still had a long way to go.
More about Tina and what she taught me next time. 🙂
As I update these learning curve stories, there will be the odd image here and there.