New Children’s Book Release

Girlie and the Quest for Finding Pedi’s Family is out today.  Yes you heard it right.  

Book two is now available on Amazon.


Girlie is far from finished with her adventures.  In fact she has only just begun.  Now that the hive is saved and being sorted. Girlie decides it is time to find out what happened to Pedi’s Family.  Where were they? How could she find them?  Along with Sammie Kitten, she sets out into the darkest corner of the garden in search of centipede families and helps various other insects along the way.  Will she or won’t she find them…Only time will tell.

What’s Next

Time to reflect back on the last four years.  I started writing in 2012 with a Regency Romance Mystery which is still causing me lots of pain – this time with edits.  Will I ever finish it…I hope so though I now realise how hard it is going to be to let go.  This book is my baby. It was written before I knew all the ins and outs of writing – yep still missing a few bits too.

Since then I have written my Garrett Investigation Series and should have another book out by Christmas, how I am lacking motivation – my muse has wandered off. Actually i think they have all wandered off, not that I am greedy or anything However, I do have muse attacks, as I call them. 

I need to stop waffling.  So far in the GIB Series I have six books, one being a prequel. Hidden Secrets, Secrets past, Hidden Agenda (Prequel) Hidden Slaves, Secret Assassin and Double Crossed.  

In my children’s section I have ‘Girlie and the War of the Wasps,’ the first in a set of charity children’s books which are set in a cottage garden.  Charming story which will enthrall all ages.  Book two and three should be out before the end of the year.  I also have a set of Billionaire stories out…I just had to. I couldn’t resist.  They are published under the name Beth Bayley – Billionaire Romances Blog.  Fun to do and stories to finish – yet again.

On my computer the manuscripts seem to be endless.  From Thriller to Sci-fi to Fantasy and more, never mind the Regency book.  What do I  write or finish?  I have opened several, read through them, poised to type and nope nothing there.  

Today I chose ‘Soul man,’ a story set in New Zealand about a dead body washing up on the beach and his wandering soul.  No idea where this is going, though he is learning a bit of Te Reo Maori.  He seems to be American, he doesn’t remember his name, a dog and a young girl can see and hear him.  He wasn’t murdered, though a local was…So what is going on in this small New Zealand town.  I first started writing this story in 2014. 

I should be editing my Regency novel and writing my next GIB story.  I want my mojo back. What ever is next, I suppose it will arrive when it’s supposed to. Meanwhile, Edward Scissorhands (Editors chosen nickname) and I will get through this editing, hopefully without slaughtering it too much and publish a decent book. 

Watch and wait as I journey onwards, Maybe you will see my first Sci-fi novel or Thriller, who knows, because I don’t.

 Thank you all for your support