Updating an Ebook is Harder than I Thought

Wow. Never knew this… I always thought you could download the update…obviously, some aren’t there… more work for the author… 😦

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One of the good things about self-publishing in ebook form with Amazon KDP is you can correct typos and other errors easily. Make the changes in your base document, upload it to KDP, press Publish and you’re done, right?

Yes and no.

Readers who buy your book after you publish the corrected version will get that version. But what about everyone who pre-ordered it or bought it before you discovered those pesky typos? You’ve assumed the corrected version will be automatically delivered to their reading devices, right?

Probably not.

One of the authors whose blog I follow recently published an updated and corrected version of an ebook. Being aware of this, I was eager to reread the book in its new form. When I checked my Kindle library (note: I don’t own a Kindle reader; I read Kindle books on a tablet using the Kindle app), I found only the…

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Where it all Started – first posted Christmas Eve 2013

One thing I can tell you, is this book still isn’t published and still needs a good edit. It also isn’t written in Regency Speak, though is historically correct… after all, I love history or wouldn’t be doing family history research.

Where it all started.

Generally I’m known as a Family History Researcher or Amateur Genealogist when one day rather depressed and bored with waiting for information to make a Family History Book I opened a word document and started typing while chatting to friends on Facebook. This was in the NZ winter of 2011.
Send us your first chapter they all said, oh my why did I tell them I was doing this, after all it wasn’t something I was going to publish or anything.  Well I sent the small amount I have written which was around 2 chapters. All I heard from them an hour later.  We want more, are you going to add a sex scene.  OMG what was I to do, I was sitting here 12,000 miles from my friends blushing to the roots of my hair.  More and a sex scene, lordy I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there.

“If I put in a sex scene then I’m going to blame both of you,” I told them much to their amusement.

“I’ve gone red at just the thought,” Making them laugh harder, of course this was all via chat.
The story is based in Late Regency England in a small Gloucestershire village called Ashlston as well as in London.  It focus’s on a young man called Gregory Appleton and his young playmate Matilda Crosswick.  As many would guess they grew up fell in love which was thwarted by their parents. In the course of 10 years a mystery unfolds, this becomes the item bringing them back together.  The mystery unfolds with many twists and turns and family connections.
As for the sex scenes, yes I put some in and yes I still blame my friends.  This book is yet to be published though due to the flow of my novels I have quite a number of various genre’s to finish.
Sending this on to one of my friends in the UK started me off on a steep learning curve.  How to write.  The story though good and flowing lacking a few important principles like good description, First or Third Person never mind word errors.  A big thanks to Tina who made me look and think hard about what I wanted and what I needed. My skills are strengthening and sharpening rather well, though I knew at that stage I still had a long way to go.
More about Tina and what she taught me next time. 🙂
As I update these learning curve stories, there will be the odd image here and there.

Who needs a DROP BEAR when you have a DROP CAT…


Seperator plain


Yep. It seems to be one of Nero’s favourite things to do, along with racing about the house playing, especially now his friend (GINGE) isn’t welcome. His friend sprayed our indoor mat. We’re not impressed.  Anyway back to the DROP CAT.

Most people know about the DROP BEAR story and the laughter behind it. Well Nero is a DROP CAT. He doesn’t just walk all over you to get cuddles and loves, he literally DROPS on you, most times when I’m in bed and I get a mouth full of fur. After all there is no warning. One moment he is standing on you the next he’s collapsed across you shoulder and chest, usually his back to you and if he wants a tummy rub, then he’ll roll… and you’re spitting fur.

This morning my hubby and Nero were staring at me, both smiling…I do wish I had a camera, they were gorgeous, especially Nero when he rolled on his back for a tummy rub with his cute little paws in the air and pleading expression.

Whatever will he get up to next. I’m not sure. I suppose we’ll find out in due course. As long as he doesn’t bring a mouse or a bird home, then I’m happy. I remember my first cat (SMUDGE) used to catch birds and butterflies. Luckily we always managed to get them off her.

Until next time… Be safe 

New festive fictional story: ‘The Trial of Santa Claus’ by Stewart Bint – part one

Part one of ‘The Trial of Santa Claus’ by Stewart Bint… 🙂

Hinckley Free Press

Stewart Bint | Guest Contributor | 5 December 2020

Over the next three weeks, The Hinckley Free Press will be serialising a Christmas story by local published author Stewart Bint.

Stewart is a Leicestershire-based novelist, magazine columnist, and Public Relations writer who has penned an exclusive Christmas story to bring some Christmas cheer to readers of The Hinckley Free Press this holiday season.

This marks the first instalment of the story, titled ‘The Trial of Santa Claus’.

Santa Claus behind bars

Entirety of part one

Now, I’d always thought of Santa Claus as a kindly old man who loved children. So, it came as a shock to find he was appearing in court. And the charges fair made me gasp: cruelty to children, they were. Who’d have believed it?

Looking back almost 12 months to that amazing day when I sat in on Santa Claus’s trial, I can see it…

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Courtesy Lost in the Digital Age…

Please make sure you communicate with those who work with you when you’re making your books. Courtesy is a must.

Plaisted Publishing

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swinger series divider

Over the years, I’ve had bad experiences with clients. I’m sure we all have and we move on and forward, take it as a lesson learnt and not repeat it. Most of the time it works, however when COURTESY is lacking then I will take a stand. It doesn’t take much to message someone who you were working with to produce a book and let them know you’re going to use someone else.

We all lose jobs or clients at times, though when you’ve worked hard for them including FREE work, then surely it would be a COURTESY let me know they are going to use someone else. I’m upset at the lack of a message, especially after all I did for them. I feel bruised and USED. Like I said another lesson learnt. From now on I won’t be doing any FREE or CHEAP work for those caught…

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Words to use instead of JUST

Ways to Say Just

I recently posed the following question on Facebook: “What word(s) do you repeat too often in writing and/or dialogue?” One word that appeared numerous times in the thread was just.

There are just so many ways to replace just that I just decided to write a post filled with just alternatives just for all the writers who are just flabbergasted by the glut of just repetitions in their WIPs.

If you had a laugh attack when you read the previous paragraph, you’ll understand why people snicker — or sometimes discontinue reading a book — when they encounter similar passages.

Direct Replacements

Like many words in the English language, the adverb just comes with several meanings, each with its own connotations.

The following words and phrases can replace most occurrences.

Just, as in barely:
hardly, scarcely, slightly

Just, as in exactly:
absolutely, accurately, altogether, closely, completely, correctly, entirely, in all respects, in every respect, in every way, perfectly, precisely, quite, thoroughly, totally, unerringly, utterly, wholly

Just, as in only:
barely, merely, simply, solely, purely

Just, as in recently:
a minute ago, a moment ago, a second ago, a short time ago, freshly, in the past few minutes, in recent times, lately, of late, not long ago

Just, as in simply:
absolutely, altogether, clearly, completely, definitely, emphatically, entirely, exactly, indeed, merely, nothing but, perfectly, positively, precisely, purely, quite, really, solely, specifically, totally, truly.



Make Your Blog User-Friendly

Notes for those new authors who need a website.

Story Empire

Hey, SE Readers. Happy 2020! Joan with you today, not only kicking off a new year but a new decade. Can you believe it’s been twenty years since we had all the crazy hoopla about Y2K?

When I was a child, the year 2000 seemed far into the future. For me (and many), the thought of almost everyone having a personal computer didn’t exist. Being able to communicate instantly with virtually anyone in any location on earth at any time was something that never crossed my mind.

But in 1991, the worldwide web became available. By the mid-nineties, many households had computers. Information was now at our fingertips. Online shopping sites began to emerge, and companies scrambled to purchase domain names and put their information on the web. Celebrities and authors alike began to buy their own domain name and create websites. Blogging became popular.

These days every author should…

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A wonderful Interview to read.

🌸Word Craft Prose & Poetry🌸

Hello everyone! It’s my favorite month of the year – October! This week I’m thrilled to bring you one of my Sisters of the Fey, fantasy and horror author, Adele Marie Park. Adele has recently released the second book in her fantasy series called, Wisp II, Sea Dragons. I asked her to come by and visit, share a cup of tea, and tell me more about herself as a writer, including where’s she from and where that vivid imagination of her’s comes from.

Here she is! Welcome, Adele!

Adele Marie Park was born in the north-east of Scotland, and at the age of six months, she moved to live with family on the Orcadian island of Rousay. The tales and legends of old surrounded her childhood, and these became the themes and beliefs she’s carried with her through life as they now emerge and live within the pages of her…

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NERO has a photo shoot


It was a wet and windy weekend. My husband and I weren’t going anywhere and nor was Nero, so it seemed. It was a day to sleep and relaxation. Being me I thought it would be awsome to get some new photos of Nero curled up on our bed. Of course, he decided to be a little devil.

My husband left our office and was walking past our bedroom, he glanced inside and I saw him stop and smile, I raised an eyebrow in question, he put his finger to his lips and waved me to him. It was one of the first times he’d seen Nero asleep on our bed. My recliner makes a heck of a noise and by the time my feet hit the floor, Nero was off the bed and winding himself around my husband’s legs.

NERO: Did you want me?
OH: Go back and sleep.
NERO: Don’t wanna. Want cuddles! (he looked up at my hubby)
OH: Nope. Laters, I need a drink and Nero follows.

This happened several times during the day. I was never quick enough to move or with my camera. What did I do?  Set him up. 

It had been quiet for about an hour. I was hoping Nero was asleep on our bed so I turned on my phone camera, quickly and quietly I got off my recliner stepping into the hall, into my bedroom, and began clicking photos. Yep, he woke up, However, it was like he knew I wanted him to pose. I got some great shots of him lying there, rolling over for tummy rubs.

NERO: Mum… what the
ME: I want some photos.
NERO: Fine. How about this. I can pose like this too. Anyone giving tummy rubs?
ME: Perfect, keep that pose.
NERO: This is fun.
ME: Thank you, your fans are going to love these.
NERO: Fans? What are those?”
ME: People who enjoy reading about you and seeing your beautiful self.
NERO: Handsome you mean.
ME: Yep.

I left him to it and now it’s time to share those images with you all.


Cats… Love posts about cats. I need to write more about Nero. Enjoy the read.

Pattys World

To me, they’re wonderful creatures, cats. That said, I find it often true, that one either admires cats, or finds little to admire. We often hear people debating, which is the most intelligent, cats or dogs. Where I have no scientific figures, if such a thing exists, I feel they’re probably about the same. The thing is that often one loves cats, and others wish they’d go away forever.

Is there such a thing as a normal cat? Good grief no! Of course, to me this is the delightful thing about cats. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing more endearing than a faithful dog, who loves you no matter what. These God’s precious gifts have been an important part of my life. Now, cats? What can I say. A dog will do anything to please its owner, where a cat, will do anything to please its self, and this individuality…

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