Enchantments – The Beginning


Time moves swiftly and things change when you least expect it.  Farron thought she had her life in order, enjoying her job as a Graphic Designer and riding her Harley 1000cc Motorbike. That is until the dreams started with shadows and a wolf chasing her through a forest. The wolf bit her shoulder and she screamed as power thrust its way through her body.

Waking the following morning she forgets her dream only to find strange messages on her computer and a young guy with purple hair appearing out of nowhere and disappearing again. Stunned and wondering what’s going on she returns home early from work and helps her mother prepare dinner.

Mentioning what her day was like her mother smiles…Farron knows her mother can tell her something and she may not like it.  After dinner she finds out the truth. It seems she isn’t human after all…so what is she?