Penny N’ Pals Children’s Book

A Children’s book you may like if you have a new pup.

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Hi everyone,

Have a new puppy? Here’s a great book that will capture your heart as you share it with your child as well as help your child have empathy for what your newest family member may be going through with underlying life lessons for your child as well.

Here to tell us more about her book is the author, Jenny Brunstein…

Penny N’ Pals is the tale of new beginnings as a child and his mother pick out a new puppy, Penny, after their beloved dog passes away. The story goes on to describe the family enduring new puppy tribulations in the form of both humor and fear as a mischievous puppy begins her life in a new home. Penny N’ Pals defines the underlying teaching that you can’t make it in the world of San Francisco without a loving family to guide you through the right life lessons.

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